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Marc Rohde & Michael Höner, in cooperation with the Facts & Stories Institute, have launched the first pure trainer:inside study. „Trainer satisfaction, recognition and perception of the trainer profession“, various topics were surveyed.

  • Everyday work
  • Communication in the coaching profession/job
  • Education and training
  • Future and goals
  • Socio-demographic data and values

The data sets with more than 70 questions are treated, evaluated and interpreted. Valuable knowledge about the true drivers that drive trainers:inside to their job every day and fill it with motivation, professionalism and heart and soul.

But have we as an industry listened carefully? In the battle for the customer of the future, isn’t every employee more responsible than ever for ensuring satisfied and long-term loyalty? Here you will find the figures that will provide you with precise information about the needs and views of your trainers: inside on their profession.

The report will be published annually in the future and will provide information on the development of the training profession.

Survey - Fitness need Trainers 2022 engl.

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  • In the period from November 21- February 22, we conducted the first, official pure trainer:inside study FITNESS NEEDS TRAINERS. All questions refer to and focus on the „satisfaction and recognition of trainers in the fitness industry“.
    Only trainers were interviewed.

    With the questions and scaling we intentionally aim at the individually perceived feeling of the employees.

    What is special is the focus on whether the trainers feel comfortable in their role. What do they think about communication with their colleagues or boss? How much time and money would they be willing to invest in their training? How should overtime be compensated by the employer? Would they like to remain trainers in the future? How much desire do they have to leave the industry and start their own business?
    What are the values that drive them? How are they individually supported and developed in their company? Are there individual employee reviews?

    A lot of questions that this report answers and that everyone in inddustry should now know. It contains the answers to many questions that have been asked in recent years.

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